55:60 Is the reward for excellence anything other than excellence?

Providing Education through an Islamic Lens

34:3 ...Not even an atom’s weight is hidden from Him in the heavens or the earth; nor anything smaller or larger than that, but is written in a perfect record.

Fostering Curiosity

96:3-4 Read! And your Lord is most generous, who taught by the pen.

Academic Excellence

6:96 He is cleaver of the day and has made the night for rest and sun and the moon for calculation…

Welcome to
Excellence Academy

(previously known as Montessori School of Excellence)

We are held to a high standard in this aim by the words of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) “Verily, God loves when anyone of you takes on an endeavor that he perfects it” [Bayhaqi]. Thus, our endeavor to guide children in developing excellent characters should itself be excellent, and so we strive to be the
Excellence Academy.

Excellence Academy is proud to announce that we are a Cognia accredited school.

Excellence Academy is proud to announce that we are a Cambridge International School.

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The mission of Excellence Academy is to offer quality Montessori education infused with Islamic principles to guide children to develop to their fullest potential physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Note that in this video, the previous name of our school, Montessori School of Excellence, was used.

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My three and a half year old started reading and that was so exciting for me and her and when she finished the book, I was in awe!

S. Khan

When my daughter comes home from school and proudly shows her work, I know I made the right decision.


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My observation has been that MSE is focused on quality vs. quantity. I personally consider this a plus point for this school due to its limited and focused enrollment. After the secure environment we provide to our child at home, MSE is the only next place I feel comfortable sending her.


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