Secondary Education

Education from an Islamic Lens

At Excellence Academy, the Islamic Montessori curriculum we have established is unique and a product of curriculum development by a dedicated team that includes experienced teachers in the Montessori method, traditional method, and Islamic studies.

Our secondary education program serves students in grades 7-9, in-person and online.

Secondary Education Program

To ensure that the children are surpassing all standards we incorporate traditional and Montessori methods. Our teachers are not only providing academic achievement for our students but also strengthening the students’ confidence, consciousness, and self-awareness; helping the student perform useful and productive work, and assisting the child in the exploration of new roles and abilities as they become an adult.


We believe that knowledge of the world and religion are compatible and intertwined, and therefore, we make no artificial distinction between secular and sacred knowledge. This belief guided the way we have designed our curriculums for our secondary education. When we teach math, science, language, and other subjects, we are teaching students about God’s creation. Students thus grow not to see religion and God as a separate part of their lives but as a way of looking at the world that permeates everything in the universe.

Unique Course Offerings

Students in the adolescent age groups have a strong desire to be useful to their community and greater society. Students at this age also have a strong desire to exert economic independence and to contribute to production and exchange. In order to nurture these development needs, our Montessori middle school curriculum will integrate hands-on, authentic, and purposeful occupations and business designs. Students will take on adult-like roles, fostering real-world connections. This time will also be used to expose our students to career opportunities and entrepreneurial success stories by inviting guest speakers in various specialties.


Due to the highly dedicated and individualized teaching style that our school requires, our class sizes are limited.  Our school caters to all learners, giving opportunities for students to partially enroll, allowing you to choose what your child needs.
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Our Teachers

Our teacher observes the student and introduces them to challenging and developmentally appropriate lessons and materials based on observations of each student’s unique interests, abilities, and social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

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