Secondary Education

Education from an Islamic Lens

At Excellence Academy, we foster an environment where students can cultivate critical thinking skills and a thirst for truth, enabling them to establish a profound connection with their faith while navigating the challenges of the modern world.

Our secondary education program currently serves students in grades 7-10, in-person and online. Our school is still growing and inshallah will ultimately serve up to 12th grade.

Middle School (Grades 7-8)

In lower secondary school (middle school), students are transitioned from a Montessori immersive learning experience to the  Cambridge curriculum which encourages in-depth exploration of core subjects. Lower secondary is typically for students 11-14 years old.

Required Core: Math, science, English,  Meccacentric history, Islamic studies, Quran, Arabic, service learning.

Electives: art, speech, home economics, programming, typing, and more.

High School (Grades 9-10)

Excellence Academy’s upper secondary school (first two years of high school) is typically for learners ages 14-16 years old where they build upon foundations lain in middle school. At this level, students have developed more advanced higher order thinking skills, a solid foundation in key Islamic concepts and they’re ready to apply their knowledge to a variety of challenges.

Required Core: Math, science, English,  Meccacentric history, Islamic studies, Quran, Arabic, service learning

Electives: speech, Model UN, art history, programming, home economics (finance), and more .

Learners take internationally recognized Cambridge IGCSE qualifications or AS level exams at the end of upper secondary, and/or PSAT.

High School Dual Credit (Grades 11-12)

Students in their final years of high school are guided through enrolling in Collin College where they take a bulk of their core classes to fulfill graduation requirements. Dual credit allows students to earn both high school and college credit for one college course.

Required core at EASE: Islamic studies, service learning, Quran, dual credit support 

Required core at Collin College: math, science, history, composition.

Learners take the SAT through the College Board.


Due to the highly dedicated and individualized teaching style that our school requires, our class sizes are limited.  Our school caters to all learners, giving opportunities for students to partially enroll, allowing you to choose what your child needs.
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Our Teachers

Our teacher observes the student and introduces them to challenging and developmentally appropriate lessons and materials based on observations of each student’s unique interests, abilities, and social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development.

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